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It was over a century ago that Sri Lanka’s foremost baker and caterer embarked on a  journey to serve Sri Lanka with the best possible meals. Founded on traditions and values that are still upheld by all those who fall under the Perera & Sons umbrella, we make sure every item of food we produce has that extra bit of personal commitment and care.

Generations of Sri Lankans have grown up with our flavours and we’ve always valued our customer relationships and pay tribute to all those who have believed in us. To this end we strive to be a source of delectable meals and great memories with friends and family at over 163 locations.

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Are you looking for a catering service that is convenient but also entertaining? We will send you our own mobile food truck complete with a live cooking station, lights, and music. Whatever the occasion, our truck comes prepared with a fresh supply of your favorite food ready to be served by our own friendly staff. Don’t wait; give us a call to liven up your occasion with great food and great vibes.