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When K.A. Charles Perera baked his first batch of bread in 1902, he could have never imagined that he would go on to feed several generations of Sri Lankans. Nearly 120 years later, that humble little bakery which carried his name on the door—Perera & Sons, has gone on to become one of the largest quick service restaurant chains in the country. Not only has the company grown by leaps and bounds, but it has also remained a family-owned business throughout.

It was over a century ago that Sri Lanka’s foremost baker and caterer embarked on a  journey to serve Sri Lanka with the best possible meals. Founded on traditions and values that are still upheld by all those who fall under the Perera & Sons umbrella, we make sure every item of food we produce has that extra bit of personal commitment and care.

Generations of Sri Lankans have grown up with our flavours and we’ve always valued our customer relationships and pay tribute to all those who have believed in us. To this end we strive to be a source of delectable meals and great memories with friends and family at over 163 locations.